Coventry City to build new Stadium


Coventry City have announced plans to build a new stadium but they have no revealed where.

They have announced however that the ground won’t be in Coventry but they hope it will be “close to” the Midlands City.

The Stadium, went built, will have an initial capacity of 12,500 but will eventually rise to a grand total of 23,000, 9,000 less than the Ricoh Arena that Coventry are no longer allowed to play at.

Coventry City currently play at Northampton Town’s Sixfields stadium following their acrimonious departure from the Ricoh Arena following financial troubles. This move has caused uproar among Sky Blues fans.

Before Coventry moved into the Ricoh Arena in 2005 they played at Highland Road for 106 years.

It is yet unknown when the Stadium will be complete, where Coventry will play until it is built or how much it will cost to build.


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